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New Zealand produces some of the finest sheep wool in the world and the products produced from this wool are of high quality. We offer wool blankets for all ages including Baby Blankets. In addition to our standard Fleece Blankets we offer a range of Thermacell Blankets. These blankets are both light and warm as the special cell-like weave allows maximum air circulation to efficiently regulate body temperature. While light and airy, cellular blankets have all the strength and robustness offered by wool. A Thermal Baby Blanket is ideal for baby as it light enough to allow for air circulation while still providing warmth. These are also available as a satin trimmed wool blanket.

Sheep were first introduced into New Zealand in 1773 by Captain Cook. The sheep population is currently approximately 40 million which works out to be about 8 sheep for every person. 21 million sheep live in the South Island and 19 million in the North Island. These are spread across 27,000 farms with the largest having more 300,000 sheep. Approximately 4.4 million of these are male sheep which are called 'Rams' and 35.6 million are female which are called 'Ewes'. Many first time visitors to New Zealand think that they are going to see sheep wandering down Queen Street in Auckland City however this is not the case as they prefer to reside on farms in the countryside.

New Zealand produces approximately 4% of total world wool production. The main breed farmed in New Zealand is Romney, an English breed. New Zealand is the world's largest producer of crossbred (strong wool) contributing 25% of the world's total. This type of wool is used mainly in interior textiles such as carpets, upholstery, furnishings, bedding, and rugs. It is also used for hand knitting yarn and blankets. One of the best known wools produced in New Zealand is Merino Wool. This wool is very fine and feels like silk. The Merino Wool is sought after by some of the worlds leading fashion houses.

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